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The most Important factors in choosing your own home

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The most Important factors in choosing your own home

Friday, May 28th, 2021

Choosing a home is one of the most important exercises which a man undertakes during his own life. This is something which requires a great deal of money, effort and stress. There are so many thing so be considered while choosing your own home irrespective of your budget and pocket. We are going to take a look at some of the important factors while searching your own home

1. Location : The first most important factor in picking your own home is the location. The location means not only the city in which you are living but how far the location is from the place in the city where you are working. It has to have perfect connectivity to your work place so as you can commute to it daily without spending and wasting too much time. It has to be near enough so that id does not require so much effort that you are tired whilst you are commuting. The location has to be well connected to the public transport services as you may have to use this public transport in case of emergencies.

2. Healthcare facilities: The second most important requirement is the availability of good quality healthcare. The residence has to have some good quality healthcare in close proximity. The modern line is full of stress and can lead to healthcare problems. With the coming of new types of diseases it is imperative to have doctors and hospitals in easy reach.

3. Educational facilities: The availability of good schools is also another very important factor for selection of a place to set down roots. For a family man it is important to think about the future of the next generation or their kids and their education. The schools have to have a good educational base and also have to be close by so that there is again no time lost in commuting from school to home and vice versa.

4. Availability of Transportation: Again, it is also very important that your home must be well connected to a transport system which is easily accessible, fast and economical.

5. These days there is much importance being given to the absence of pollution for selecting a home. Day by day the cities are facing a lot of air and noise pollution. So, any home which is far from such surroundings will be preferable for settling down as it will mean also a saving on healthcare.

IF you consider all these factors and give enough weightage to them we are sure that you will end up owning a house in your dream location.

The Charm of Living in Greater Faridabad

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Greater Faridabad or the Neharpar Area of Faridabad as it is also being called is now a fast-developing township with an ever-increasing population and ever increasing and ever-changing skyline. There are a large number of high rise residential and commercial projects under construction in the city.

Faridabad just thirty years ago was a city almost on the verge of collapse and despair. Due to political reasons all construction and developmental projects in the city had come to a standstill. The funds for the development of the infrastructure were withheld and every road in Faridabad had become a pot hole. A large number of industrial units packed up bag and baggage and left for other cities to set up shop somewhere else. Luckily the regime changed and due to the load on Gurgaon once again the development in Faridabad picked up. Now it is in a feverish state of development.

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna of the central government and the Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojna of the Haryana Government to provide affordable housing to the homeless in India have contributed immensely to the development and growth of Greater Faridabad. There are now a large number of High-Rise residential projects which have been completed and also a large number of High rise and low-rise projects which are under construction. The most popular of the residential units is a 3 BHK flat which is available in all categories including affordable flats, high rise projects like Anandvilas, BPTP the Resort, RPS Savana and also in private luxury Builder Floors.

Emergency and medical services.

Faridabad is blessed with the best medical aid in the country. There are a number of excellent hospitals in the city already which are considered amongst the best in the country like the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, The Fortis Escorts Hospital and the Metro Heart Institute. Another Mega hospital in Greater Faridabad is almost ready and is going to be operational in a few months’ time. This hospital is stated to be the Largest hospital in Asia with a 2000 bed capacity. Besides these hospitals Faridabad is a city blessed with a huge density of doctors. There is a private doctor or clinic available almost after every km in the city. Every sector has a number of chemists and pharmacies. There are diagnostic centres in almost every sector in the city.

Educational Infrastructure

Faridabad and especially Greater Faridabad is also blessed with a great Educational Infrastructure. There are a great number of high-quality schools in the Greater Faridabad area. The names of some of these schools are not only well known they are household names all over India. The Delhi Public School is one of the best schools in the country and has three branches in Faridabad. The Aravalli International School is also a school with multiple branches in the city and a sterling reputation. There is the K R Mangalam School and the Shiv Nadar School. For higher studies there is the Manav Rachna University which is fast becoming a well-known name in the city. The YMCA institute is an Engineering College which has existed in the city for a number of years.

Commercial and shopping.

The city is also developing as a commercial centre. There are a number of fancy and modern commercial complexes which are coming up in the city at a terrific pace. Commercial business centres like the Puri High Street 81 and the Omaxe World Street. The Omaxe world Street has already become one of the most successful commercial centres in Northern India. Its unique design and with the number of multinational food chains like Dominoes, KFC, Pizza Hut it is becoming a place where the young and modern crowd loves to hang out in their free time.

The Charm of living in Greater Faridabad is increasing day by day and it is becoming a most modern and improved city in the entire northern India.

Selling Your Home

Thursday, May 27th, 2021

Building a home is a very lengthy, time consuming and cost consuming exercise. IT generally starts with the search for a proper location keeping in mind your budget for the house.  Once you have decided upon the location and finalized it by purchasing your plot of land it has caused you a tremendous amount of stress. It is now that the further and real stress starts. The next step is contacting an architect and planning the construction. This again needs a long time and a number of meetings before the final decisions are taken to finalize the blueprints. Then we need a civil engineer to supervise the construction of the home. All these specialized services have become very expensive and cost a lot of money.

In these times another dream of every person who builds or buys a home is to have a luxurious home which can become the envy of all ones friends and relatives. But building such a home definitely is much more time consuming than if you are going to build just a simple home. Luckily in India there is now a choice of purchasing a readymade luxury home without going through the stress of actually building one and especially in the developing cities like Faridabad it is easier to find and buy one. The reasons for that are that the government has allowed all its plots above 100 sq. yards in area to construct 4 floors on stilted foundations. This has encouraged a lot of small builders to purchase these smaller plots and then construct four independent floors. These builders pay for the construction of the structures and then outfit these floors with all the necessary luxurious fittings to really make these homes amongst the best in any community.

What actually makes a home a luxury builder home and what does it include? Well it includes for starters a home constructed with high quality of construction material. Then it includes a modular kitchen complete with the basic electronic Gadgets like a micro oven, a cooking range, a refrigerator and other modern implements.  Generally all bedroom floors are of laminated wooden tiles which is the latest craze or of Italian Marble. The bathrooms have the latest designer sanitary ware and also designer fittings generally by Jaguar.  Fans and fancy electric fittings are also installed. Lifts are also included in these floors to increase their salability. Wooden wardrobes are included in the bedrooms and living room. Some luxury builder homes also come with fitted air conditioners. Naturally a luxury home with more and better fittings and facilities will cost more. But it does save you the hassle and stress of building all this at your own cost and time.  You just need to pick a floor within your budget and just go and start to live it up.

A luxury builder home is your smart choice for owning your own home.